Instructions on changing the switch on spectra 11


1. As with all electrical appliances, remove the connection to the wall socket.
2. Setup unit in a comfortable work area as the unit is heavy to work with.
3. Place a clean material (such as paper or cloth) on the work area to prevent scratches to the body of the unit.
4. Use the services of a professional electrician or mechanic, or an authorized service personnel if necessary.
5. Remove the heavy rollers stones and the drum unit aside.
6. Ensure that the machine has not been running and the motor is not hot, prior to opening up the unit.


1. Place the unit upside down and remove the screws at the bottom of the unit.
2. Holding the top and bottom parts of the unit firmly, turn the unit over and place it on the work top in normal position.
3. With a screw driver, gently pry the plastic lock around the spindle as shown in the picture below.

4. Gently tug on the Orange Switch knob and remove, and set it aside.

5. After the lock is removed and Orange switch knob is removed, turn the unit upside down, and remove the 8 recessed screws. Then, remove the top cover of the unit and set nearby on the work top, as shown in picture below. If you see some black dust inside the machine, that is normal as it is the wear and tear of the belt if it has been used for a few days or more. It may be vacuumed away or cleaned with a soft cloth.

6. Gently lift the screw assembly. You can remove the switch module off the Switch assembly by unscrewing the two screws as shown in picture below.

7. Remove the two lead wires from the Switch that connect into the Terminal as shown below.

8. Replace the Switch Module with a new one, screw it back on to the Switch Assembly, connect the lead wires back to the Terminal. Place the top cover on the unit, and screw back on the screws at the bottom of the unit.