FAQ for Spectra Melangers | Cocoa Grinder Machine | Chocolate Grinder Machine
FAQ for Spectra Melangers | Cocoa Grinder Machine | Chocolate Grinder Machine


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What is the difference between Melanger and a wet grinder?

Wet grinders are not designed to run continuously for long hours and hence they are not recommended for grinding cocoa nibs.

Is a Melanger used only for making chocolate?

No. Melangers can also be used grind nuts, sesame, rice, coconuts etc.

How many hours can I run a Spectra Melanger?

Spectra melanger can be run continuously for even 24 hours or longer.

What are the ingredients for chocolate making?

Primarily cocoa nibs are used. Along with it, powdered sugars, cocoa butter, milk powder can be added at the end.

What are the cocoa nibs? How do I crack and winnow cocoa beans? Can I use Cocoa beans directly into the machine?

Cocoa beans cannot be used whole without the following process first. Cocoa beans are first roasted, and then cracked and then winnowed to remove the husk. The cracked cocoa kernel is called cocoa n ibis and is used in the melanger. Machines like the Spectra Pro Cracker and Spectra Pro Winnower are used to crack and winnow. Roasting can be done in a home oven for small quantities.

How long should I run the Melanger to get fine chocolate?

Most customers grind (refine) the cocoa for about 8 hours at least. Further development of flavor and texture can be developed by running longer (with the tension removed) to allow the coaching process to occur.

Can we use cocoa powder directly for grinding instead of using cocoa nibs?

Yes. It is possible.

Does the timing and procedure vary for different for different chocolates?

Yes. It does, and depends on ingredients, quantity, starting nib size, conching and flavor desired, speed, room temperature etc.

What is the minimum and maximum quantity I should use?

Do not overload the machine. You can use up to the maximum quantity. The minimum is about 1/3rd of the maximum quantity specified. There must be enough to flow under the stone rollers and they should not run dry.

Is there a specific room temperature to use the melanger?

We always recommend operating the melanger in a room above 25 Celsius, and not exceeding 40 Celsius.

How do you measure the texture of the cocoa?

Using the Spectra Micron meter, you can determine whether most of the particles are in terms of micron size. Typically, cocoa makers want a particle size of 30 microns or less.