FAQs and Trouble shooting the spectra 11

In case you are facing any issues with the Spectra 11, as a first step, we recommend going through the following to see if it helps overcome the issues:

NOTE : Opening the unit does not preclude any warranty, and most of our customers are typically enthusiasts who can and usually do open the machines. Instructions to open the unit are on our webpage at http://www.spectraplaza.com/common-service/ . However, Use the services of a professional electrician or mechanic, or an authorized service personnel if you are not comfortable with it.

However, you must follow the general precautions below :

1) As with all electrical appliances, remove the connection to the wall socket.
2) Setup unit in a comfortable work area as the unit is heavy to work with.
3) Place a clean material (such as paper or cloth) on the work area to prevent scratches to the body of the unit.
4) Use the services of a professional electrician or mechanic, or an authorized service personnel if necessary.
5) Remove the heavy rollers stones and the drum unit aside so as to not drop on yourself.
6) Ensure that the machine has not been running and the motor is not hot, prior to opening up the unit.

FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide :

1) I am running the machine with the drum and rollers stones removed. Yet, the machine is noisier than usual.

  • Hold the palm of your hand on the top of the dome and see if the noise reduces. If so, the dome may not be tightly screwed on and could be tightened. It is also possible that that ventillators on the body are loose.

2) The Bowl has stopped spinning though I hear the motor running?

  • Remove the drum off the machine and note if the central vertical Stainless steel shaft is rotating. If not rotating, the belt is likely broken and may need to be replaced. Instruction to change the belt are on our website at www.Spectraplaza.com
  • If the vertical SS shaft is rotating, then the central white cone fixed inside the drum to the stone base may be loose and not fixed permanently to the stone. This cone may be glued back on using any epoxy glue.

3) The Motor appears to be overheating and I feel the dome getting very hot?

  • The motor fan may be broken and needs replacing. Or, the motor has become defective and needs to be replaced. In such cases, do not run the machine unattended and please contact us.

4) I connect the machine and it will not turn on?

  • Ensure that the wall socket you connect to, has not tripped and any other appliance connected to the same wall socket works ok.
  • Ensure that the proper voltage is applied to the machine – 110 volts versus 220 volts. This is generally applicable in only those countries where dual voltages are available.
  • Ensure that the motor itself is not working. Sometimes, the motor may be working but the drum may not rotate, indicating a problem with the drum/belt, and not necessarily the motor.
  • Ensure that the switch is engaged and functioning properly.

If all of the above have been reviewed, then only three possibilities exist :

a) The wire cord is faulty
b) The switch is faulty and
c) The motor is faulty

All of which can be easily replaced if we send in the parts, and you contact us.

5) The motor seems to have stopped working in the middle of a run?

The motor is equipped with a Thermal Overload Switch that will turn off motor if it gets too hot due to overload of contents or too thick materials, or voltage fluctuations. It will automatically restart after 20 to 30 minutes once motor cools down. In this case, you are requested to remove the food contents from the drum to reduce the load

6) The drum is rotating but the roller stones will not turn?

  • Unscrew the two end nuts and remove the rollers of its axles. If there is any food material accumulated on the axles or within the roller axle sleeves, clean and assemble back.
  • Check the roller axle sleeves for any damages or cracks.
  • If the rollers would turn on empty but not when food material is added, check that the food is not jammed under the rollers. Typically, smaller sized food particles of about 5 mm or less should be added, and the addition should in small quantities at a time, and not added in bulk into the drum. Always start the machine empty and add the materials gradually and in small quantities.

7) I dropped or hit the roller stones and the edge of the roller stone has chipped? Can I use it?

Typically, if the roller edge has chipped and is rough, it may lead to further breakage and passing of stone pieces into the food. Though it may not affect the grinding performance or efficiency itself and can continue to the used as usual. Therefore, we suggest changing the roller stones or alternatively, grinding down the chipped area into a smooth surface so that further pieces do not break off at the chipped area.

8) The drum rotating appears wobbly and not level?

  • This is ok and does not affect the performance in any way. It is only cosmetic.

9) The belt wore out fast and am having to replace often?

  • Typically a belt should last for a year or more. If wearing out often, it may be that the motor pulley and the black plastic pulley are not level. Please write to us and we will send you the right pulleys and right instructions to level the two pulleys.

10) One or both rollers appear to turn slowly, or in fits and starts?

  • Typically, it happens when the food material is very viscous and thick, and/or the amount of viscous food is high. Try reducing the quantity and where possible, the food material more free flowing.
  • The roller axles may have dried up food accumulated on them and affect the spinning of the rollers, and needs to be cleaned every few days. (Please see the service page at www.Spectraplaza.com)
  • Please see if the rollers are of the same size and measure atleast 109 mm or more in diameter.
  • Place the connector on a flat surface and see if the axles are level on both sides
  • Remove the rollers off the axles, clean the bushings within and ensure that the bushings are not broken or cracked.