Installation of Castor Wheels on the Spectra melangers

Installation of Castor Wheels on the Spectra melangers :
The Castor wheel (Fig 1) set is a set of 4 wheels for the Spectra melanger. It is provided to ease the movement of the heavy machine on any smooth floor. Two of the Four wheels have brake locks on them, which when engaged, prevents the machine from moving.

1. Turn off the power and remove the electrical plug from the socket to avoid any electrical risk.
2. Remove the roller wheels and set aside to reduce the weight of the machine.
3. Take 4 equal blocks of wood/brick or similar item which is at least 8 inches or more in height.
4. Set them apart and then, lift the Spectra melanger and place it on the blocks, such that the steel stand of the Spectra melanger is above the floor, and resting on the wooden/brick blocks (Fig 2).
5. Install the 2 castor wheels with brakes on the front side of the Spectra melanger, and the 2 castor wheels without the brakes may be installed on the rear side of the melanger. (Fig 2).
6. While installing, simply screw in the castor wheels into the receiving threaded hole at the bottom of the stand, as shown in the Figure (Fig 3).
7. Tighten fully by hand, by rotating the castor wheel assembly.
8. Place the machine back on the floor by carefully removing the blocks.

To Use:
1. Release the Brake locks by keeping the Lever in the “UP” position.
2. Move the machine to your desired location on the floor.
3. Lock the wheels by pushing the Lever to the “Down” Position.