Instructions for Increasing Gap between Drum and Scraper Arm


  1. As with all electrical appliances, remove the connection to the wall socket.
  2. Setup unit in a comfortable work area as the unit is heavy to work with.
  3. Place a clean material (such as paper or cloth) on the work area to prevent scratches to the body of the unit.
  4. Use the services of a professional electrician or mechanic, or an authorized service personnel if necessary.
  5. Remove the heavy rollers stones and the drum unit aside.
  6. Ensure that the machine has not been running and the motor is not hot, prior to opening up the unit.

Step 2

As seen in image 1 below, the scraper arm touches the drum wall. In this case, the adjustment should be made to move the scraper arm away from the drum.

Step 3

Using a spanner, loosen the lock nut as shown in image below.

Step 4

Turn the Scraper Arm itself, rotating clockwise, by 360 degrees, that is, by one complete turn. You can repeat it for another turn if necessary, ensuring that the plastic scraper arm is back at vertical at its final stop position.

Step 5

Tighten back the Lock Nut using a spanner, and place the assembly back into the drum.

Now you should have an increased gap between the drum and the plastic portion of the scraper arm.