Spectra Micron Meter

Spectra Micron Meter | Chocolate Grindometer | Fineness Grind Gauges

Product Description

Spectra Micron Meter | Chocolate Grinder Meter – Spectra Melangers

Introducing Spectra Micron-Meter, an innovative and easy way to check the quality of your chocolate.

A Spectra Chocolate Micron Meter is used to determine particle size and fineness of granules of chocolates. Manufactured out of hardened stainless steel each gauge is graduated in microns on the top to an accuracy of ±1μm (0.04mil). The groove width is 12mm (0.47″) and the groove length is 200mm (7.87″).

Who said the finest chocolate can’t be made by your hands. Use Spectra’s Micron-Meter to make your chocolate the finer it can get. Once your chocolate is ready to temper, check the finesse of your chocolate with a few simple instructions.

The finer the chocolate, the richer the taste, and better the quality.

For most chocolatiers and chefs, deciding when a batch is complete in the melanger is a matter of judgement and individual preference… it varies from running the batch anywhere from 20 to 60 hours… Apart from taste and flavor, the grain of the chocolate is important and is one that can be better controlled with a scientific method… The Spectra’s micron-meter helps with that. An ideal particle size is under 30 microns, but not less than 20 microns for Chocolate.

With the help of micron-meter one can measure the finesse of chocolate and know exactly how many hours more to run the melanger. If you’re not satisfied with the finesse run the melanger for few more hours. Because finer the chocolate the creamier it is in your mouth.

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Product Features

Spectra Micron Meter | Chocolate Grinder Meter – Spectra Melangers


Instruction Manual

When using the gauge, take care as to not damage the surface of the gauge or the edges of the scraper. Ensure the surface of gauge and edge of the scraper is clean from material residue, oil, etc.

  • Place the gauge on a flat, horizontal and non-slip surface, with the zero mark on the scale closest to the user.
  • Place a suitable amount of the material in the deep end of each groove.
  • Place the scraper on the surface of the gauge behind the material. Use both hands to hold the scraper as shown below.
  • Pull the scraper along the length of the gauge at a constant speed and apply enough downward pressure to clean excess material from the edges of the gauge.
  • This operation takes approx. 1 to 2 seconds.
  • View the drawn-out material within the next 3 seconds. This avoids inaccurate testing due to evaporation of the material. The material should be viewed at right angles to the length of the groove and at an angle of 20° to 30° with the surface of the gauge.
  • Find a band across the grooves of 3 mm wide which contains 5 to 10 particles of the material as shown below.
  • Read the position of the upper limit of this band on the scale and record this value.
  • Use a suitable solvent to clean the gauge and the scraper.
  • Perform 2 more tests and calculate the average value of the results. The average value is the fineness of grind of the material.

Product Specifications

Spectra Micron Meter | Chocolate Grinder Meter – Spectra Melangers

  • High accuracy machining, 175 x 63 x 12 mm.
  • Stainless Steel Gauges for measuring variation in fineness
  • Graduations in microns.
  • Capacity 0-100m

Spectra Micron Meter | Chocolate Grinder Meter – Spectra Melangers