Spectra Temper 30

Spectra Temper 30

Price : $5,400

Spectra Star Temper and Melting Machine is the perfect chocolate Melting equipment to make it perfect for Chocolate Tempering, Chocolate Melting and other processing.

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Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Dimensions :0.92 x 0.66 x 1.04 LBH m

Product Weight : 100 Kg

ONE YEAR warranty from the date of purchase.

Product Description

Chocolate Tempering Machine | Spectra Star Temper – Spectra Melangers

A chocolatiers choice for tempering.

The Spectra Temper 30 Machine, offers an all-in-one solution for Chocolate melting, Chocolate tempering and Chocolate molding. They are suitable for filling all types of Chocolate Molds – bars, slabs, hollow figures, etc.

Chocolates of the finest quality can be produced on our Spectra Chocolate Tempering Machine as they are equipped with an electronic Temperature Controller and indicator, ensuring that the Chocolate is in a constant state, allowing the user to concentrate on the creative side of Chocolate-making.

The Spectra Temper 30 is easy to handle.

The most special feature is our Vibrating Device, which removes the air bubbles from the Chocolate. It also helps remove chocolate from the mold to make a shell to fill the center-filling.

Each chocolatier has a certain speed and time line to grind the Choco nibs and to temper it. The built-in speed controller helps with this process. As it can be set as per once choice.

Not only can one control the speed of the chocolate being tempered in, one can also change the temperature as required.

Product Features

Chocolate Tempering Machine | Spectra Star Temper – Spectra Melangers

  • Its ideally suited to the needs of any one, like Bakeries, Hoteliers, Chocolatiers.
    The star can run from 30 – 75 kgs per day.
  • Comes with a built-in speed controller.
  • Food-grade Revolving Wheel.
  • Speed Control feature for the Revolving Wheel
  • Drain out facility to remove the chocolate from the machine after production.
  • High grade rust proof Stainless Steel 304 grade.
  • NO NEED TO BUY ANY ADD ON and ATTACHMENTS – all are included.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • We have readily available spare parts that can ship worldwide and give you peace of mind.

Product Specifications

Chocolate Tempering Machine | Spectra Star Temper – Spectra Melangers

  • Stainless steel 304 grade.
  • Power requirements 3KW
  • Rotation of drum at maximum speed is approximately 150 RPM
  • Comes standards with electronic speed controller.
  • Weight – Approximate 100 kgs,
  • Dimensions – 92 x 66 x 104 cm LBH

(Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice as products are constantly improved)

Chocolate Tempering Machine | Spectra Star Temper – Spectra Melangers